mallika parulekar

I'm a senior studying Computer Science at UC Berkeley interested in robotics, algorithms, machine learning and game theory.

I'm currently a research assistant at BAIR in Professor Goldberg's AUTOLab where I work on problems in robot grasping and manipulation using analytic theory and deep learning. Previously, I worked on recommendation systems and anomaly detection at Meta and Abacus.AI. As an avid enjoyer of discrete math and probability who also loves to talk, I was also a TA for CS 70.

In my free time, I enjoy dancing Kathak (an Indian Classical Dance form) with Nazakat, running, and playing frisbee and tennis with friends!


HANDLOOM: Learned Tracing of One-Dimensional Objects for Inspection and Manipulation

Vainavi Viswanath*, Kaushik Shivakumar*, Mallika Parulekar+, Jainil Ajmera+, Justin Kerr, Jeffrey Ichnowski, Richard Cheng, Thomas Kollar, Ken Goldberg

Conference on Robot Learning (CoRL), 2023. Oral Presentation.

[Paper] [Website] [Code]

Learning to Efficiently Plan Robust Frictional Multi-Object Grasps

Wisdom C. Agboh*, Satvik Sharma*, Kishore Srinivas, Mallika Parulekar, Gaurav Datta, Tianshuang Qiu, Jeffrey Ichnowski, Eugen Solowjow, Mehmet Dogar, Ken Goldberg

International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2023.


MINDFUL: A Method to Identify Novel and Diverse Signals with Fast, Unsupervised Learning

Mallika Parulekar, Leelavati Narlikar

Great Lakes Bioinformatics Conference (GLBIO), 2019.